Getting A Fresh Roll Of Coins From The Bank? Why You Should Have Them Graded

Most people do not stop to look at shiny new coins as they take them out of a coin wrapper from the bank. However, you may want to not only look at the coins, but also have them graded by professional coin grading services, Here is why.

You Might Find a Rare One

People take it for granted that certain presidents' faces are printed on coins a certain way. Because they hardly ever look at the coins, they do not spot something a coin collector would; a mis-stamp, an off-centered profile, a vacant penny devoid of Lincoln's head, etc. All of these are minting errors and, quite surprisingly, are worth more than their face value if they were minted correctly.

Additionally, coins that were minted in certain locations (which are now defunct) are worth a lot too. Even though you may request a roll of brand-new coins from the bank, the bank may (at its own discretion) use old coins at both ends of the roll to keep the coins in between their shiniest. What you find at the very ends of these rolls of new coins could be worth more than all the coins behind it!

You Might Find a Perfectly Unblemished Coin to Add to Your Collection

An outstanding example of this year's newest and freshly minted coins is worth tucking away for later. By having a coin grader assign a grade to a perfect or nearly perfect new coin and then encasing that coin with its grade, you are preserving it for its future value. Many coin collectors who are old enough to remember the Dwight D. Eisenhower silver dollar or the Kennedy half-dollar now wish they had done exactly that.

You Might Learn Something

It is a somewhat silly reason, but learning about coins and the rolls you have in your possession now could prove useful in the future. Many a contest or game show has been won on a coin collecting-related question. You may also learn that you like the subject, and that there is a very broad subculture within society that likes coin collecting. Learning what makes coins valueless and valuable helps you recognize when you might be tricked into accepting something of less value or when you might gain something of greater value in the process. It is a whole new education and new set of lessons when you explore coins and coin grading.

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