How To Achieve A Truly Diverse Retirement Portfolio

Diversity is a key to successful financial investing. As such, you undoubtedly want your retirement portfolio to consist of various instruments. You need insulation against the inevitable swings in economic sectors.

Most investors stick to stocks, bonds, mutual funds and, nowadays, ETFs. To be truly diverse, you need to seriously consider a few non-traditional investment options as retirement solutions.

.To help you get started and know what to discuss with a certified financial advisor, following are some current promising non-traditional retirement investments.

Physical Commodities

Gold, silver, diamonds and other commodities can be excellent retirement investments. Unlike company stocks, commodities often rise in value during economic downturns.

People begin accumulating physical commodities when they lose faith in the global financial system. Thus, you can use these assets as a hedge against recession and inflation. When your stock futures are draining your retirement fund, commodities can keep you afloat.

Now, commodity storage can prove a problem. For this reason alone, you need to consult with a competent retirement solutions professional before making a decision to buy.


This new digital money has taken both the cybersphere and Wall Street by storm. Nobody knows the full potential of cryptocurrencies and the market can be quite volatile. Investors have seen Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and the others rise and fall hundreds of dollars in single days.

Cryptocurrencies are attractive to retirees because they give owners complete control over their investments. You have the private key. Nobody can get access to your money unless you give them permission.

Caution is advised. Many cryptocurrency scams exist since the market is largely unregulated. Be sure that a retirement planning services representative agrees that your chosen cryptocurrency trading platform is safe.


You might want to purchase a few works of art, whether paintings, sculptures, vases, etc., to round out your investment portfolio.

It is wise to take a few art appreciation courses first. Also learn how to care for and preserve your artwork to ensure its future value.

Rare Books

First copies of famous literary works are always good investments. Bibliophiles worldwide will pay impressive amounts to acquire such books from you.

Moreover, the future of this market seems particularly bright. Since the arrival of ebooks will surely reduce the number of printed editions over the decades, the value of physical books could rise exponentially as they become antiques of sorts.

Get Solid Retirement Planning Advice

As always, you need to speak with a certified retirement planner before proceeding. They are the best sources of information on non-traditional investment options.

Never forget that storage, security and taxation issues for all the assets mentioned above can be very different from those posed by traditional investments. Fortunately, retirement planning services can help you get into these markets safely.