Bail Bond Agency Requirements That Keep You Free

Most individuals do not intend to get accused of crimes and arrested. When it happens, the services of a bail bond agency might be needed. There are conditions to being released on bond, and individuals must abide by them while they are out of jail. Sometimes judges impose the rules, but bail bond agencies might have additional conditions that must be adhered to. Every individual who gets the opportunity to post bail needs to understand what is expected of them upon release. The following points identify a few standard requirements defendants can expect.

Missed Payments

Some bail bond agencies offer payment plans as a solution to get out of jail. Individuals must pay according to the schedule that is on the paperwork they sign. Missed payments without any explanation could result in an agency revoking a bond. The payments should be treated with the same respect and importance as other bills. The difference is that creditors may assess late fees or disconnect services. A bail bond agency can revoke a bond, which will likely result in an individual going back to jail.

Missed Court Appointments

Showing up to court is mandatory for most individuals. The arraignment is likely not able to be missed unless there are extreme circumstances or an attorney has been appointed to appear on behalf of their client. If a court date will be missed due to an emergency or issue that might be excused, it is important to communicate the information to the bail bond agency. Some judges might also be stern with defendants who arrive late to their court appearances. 

Failure to Update Contact Information

A bail bond agency has vested interests in the individuals that they help to get out of jail. This means that they must have accurate contact information on file at all times. Defendants who move or change phone numbers need to let their bail bonds agents know about the changes. If the agency is unable to contact an individual, they might conclude that the individual has absconded and subsequently revoke their bond.

A licensed bail bonds agent is a good resource to use to understand more about bail bonds. They can help defendants and their families navigate the court process as it relates to bail. Their services can help co-signers understand their role in signing a bond for a loved one's release. These professionals are also the best resource for information about bond revocation hearings, warrants, and other issues that can impact the status of a bond.

For more information, contact a bail bonds agency in your area.